You’ve just received a copy of the world’s first Cork-Top Ha Ha Haggadah… It’s a “faster, funnier and slightly farmisht (yet complete ‘n correct) version of the old time seder”. As you see, the book is small (4.5” X 5.5”) and has a cork circle on the cover. It doubles as a wine glass coaster during the seder meal and looks great on the Passover table! The Ha Ha Haggadah is HOT! HOT! HOT! and now it’s available for you and your ‘tribe’.

Here’s what some of its happy users said:
“Best thing since sliced matzah!”
“Worth crossing the Red Sea for…”
“No bull rushes, it’s the best haggadah EVER!”

Thousands of copies are being used across the universe. Now you can share it in your neighborhood. Is your organization looking for a quick and easy fundraiser? My synagogue sold 200 copies (in two days) just by putting them out on a table after Sunday School!

I am, by the way, an ex-Sunday School teacher; currently a mother, grandmother and annual seder hostess. Yes, I wrote the Ha Ha Haggadah ( and I want to share it with the world while sharing the profits, with you.

Here’s how it works: The HaHaHaggadahs retails online at $9.00 for one, $50 for six or $75 for 10.

OPTION #1: We send you two samples to ‘display’. You take orders and collect payments. You place your order and pay us $6.50 for each book you sell. A week or two before Passover we ship your order of Ha Ha Haggadahs directly to you for distribution. You pay the shipping (it’s only fair).

OPTION #2: Preorder and prepay for a minimum of 100 books and we ship them right out to you. You pay us just $5.25per book and you keep all the profits! Shipping is on us.

So, here it is. You can see it, hold it and enjoy it. Read it, and when you stop laughing and want to discuss this further, please contact me asap at

Sandye Linnetz

IMAGINE THIS SCENERIO: Passover is here. The whole misbocha is gathered and someone was smart enough to have ordered these Ha Ha Haggadahs. (Can I get a Dayenu here?) So, this year they can literally recline and relax because the seder is going to be shorter, funnier, slightly irreverent, religiously, if not politically, correct and with infinitely more wine drinking opportunities. Yup, I wrote it and I’m glad! Yup, you sold ‘em and made lots of people happy (and some much needed gelt)!
Next year in Jerusalem.