Ha Ha Haggadah

by Sandye Linnetz

A faster, funnier and slightly farmisht version of your old time seder.

DETAILS: The Ha Ha Haggadahs are small… they are 4.5 X 5.5 inches – and still easy to read! Each haggadah is saddle stitched with a thick ‘n shiny white cover that doubles as a coaster (in fact, there is an actual high quality cork coaster smack dab in the center of each haggadah). SO… when you get to the meal portion of the seder just slip it under your wine glass. No muss! No fuss! …and so easy to store for next year. And, this is the cool part, if next year really IS in Jerusalem, they’ll fit easily into a suitcase without taking up a lot of room. Oy, how cool is that?


This Ha Ha Haggadah is dedicated to those of you who:

*Love the idea of Passover but, for you, the Seder is TOO LONG and BORING…
*Love the food , but “oy” it’s decades before we GET TO IT!
*Enjoy a nice glass wine but there is NEVER ENOUGH consumed!
*Love fun and laughter but only experience the kind YOU’VE BEEN GETTING IN TROUBLE FOR SINCE YOU WERE A KID!


Passover is here. The whole misbocha is gathered and someone was smart enough to order these Ha Ha Haggadahs. (Can I get a Dayenu here?) So, this year you can literally recline and relax because the seder is going to be shorter, funnier, slightly irreverent, religiously, if not politically, correct and with infinitely more wine drinking opportunities. Yup, I wrote it and I’m glad! Next year in Jerusalem.


It’s easy to order.
One Ha Ha Haggadah will cost you a whole $9.00 (that’s half a chai).
But, seriously, what are you going to do with ONE Ha Ha Haggadah?
Get six for $50.00 (and save a little)
OR buy 10 for only $75.00 and save enough to pay for a bottle or two of that sweet Manischewitz!
You pay the shipping and handling – it’s only fair. And besides, we ship within 48 hours! (that’s FAST)

Don’t wait … Order Now and be Seder Ready!


If you’re going to buy from me I thought maybe you should get to know me first… meet me and the family…

You won’t be disappointed!
My mother says they’re terrific and she wouldn’t lie!


© 2019 Sandye Linnetz, The Ha Ha Haggadah
The author and publishers assume no responsibility for damage to tablecloths, napkins, holiday ‘good’ clothes or any other surfaces as a result of contests involving the stacking of multiple wine glasses on a Ha Ha Haggadah – or for any other cockamamie reason. In other words, if you overfill or swill and spill, it’s your problem and you handle the bill. No kvetching!